About Me

Laura Ledgerwood

Name:   Laura Ledgerwood

Location:   Athens, GA

Brief Bio:

Laura Ledgerwood came to Georgia in May 2009 and served as a career consultant for agriculture, public health, and engineering majors at the University of Georgia before moving into her current role working with business students. Before coming to Georgia, she received an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Clemson University and a masters in College Student Personnel from the University of Tennessee where she worked as a graduate assistant in Career Services.  Her love for social media technology has led her to her current role in coordinating social media for the UGA Career Center and the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers (GACE).

In 2012, she received the GACE Rising Star Award in May 2012 in recognition for her social media efforts on the behalf of the organization and was awarded the NACE Innovation Excellence Award in the Marketing & Branding Category for her social media communications plan for the UGA Career Center in June 2012.  She participated in two committees that won the NACE Chevron award in 2012 for the redesign of the UGA Career Center’s website and in 2013 for the UGA Digital Career Guide for iPad.

Contact:    laura.ledgerwood@gmail.com


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