How HootSuite Changed My Life

I am so excited that by this time next week I’ll be in Savannah presenting at the Southern Association of Colleges & Employers (SoACE) annual conference on Hootsuite &  These two tools have helped me not only save a lot of time, but to use the time I have more efficiently.  I thought I would share just a few quick tips and useful information on why I have found Hootsuite so useful.

First, it lets me schedule future posts for Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn. I may only have 15 minutes during my day to check the social media I manage for my office, but I can schedule the times I would like for posts to go out that day or later on in the week.

Second, Hootsuite has built in analytics that count the number of times users click on your links when shortened through their url shortner, so that helps me identify popular topics and gives me an idea of what my audience finds engaging.

Here are a few quick  steps to get you started on Hootsuite:

Step 1: Create a free account by going to

Step 2: Add your social media sites by clicking on the “Add” buttons that pop up on the first screen (see the picture below)

Step 3: Create a post in the “Compose Message” box and select the account you would like the post to be sent to by selecting the appropriate account in the drop down menu beside the “Compose Message” box.

Step 4: Click on the calendar icon in the “Compose Message” box to set the specific dates and times you would like for your content to be posted.

These simple steps have helped me save so much time and helped me to figure out what I was doing right, and what I needed to work on more.  Now I can make sure important content not only gets out to my constituents, but that it gets to them at the right time.  AND I can measure how much buzz it stirred.  It’s great!

In my next post I’ll talk more about what you can do through Hootsuite analytics.  Check out the picture below to check out my  Hootsuite account that streams multiple social media sites!


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