The Value of Social Bookmarking in Higher Education

Have you ever had to update the website for your department or business and everyone heaved a collective groan?  I went through the same thing this past summer as my department tried to update our website from mostly Flash into a snazzy website that used HTML 5, expression engine and several other technical pieces of software that I’m clueless about.

That’s not what I wanted to talk about today though.  Through this experience it made me realize how difficult it is to keep everything up to date on a website.  However, it did inspire me to open my eyes to something new: social bookmarking.  Think of all of the websites you bookmark and folders you create to organize your bookmarks in your internet browser.  Now go to  Delicious stores  your bookmarked sites online and solves the frustration you may have felt in the past because the site you’re looking for was bookmarked on another computer.

Currently, I will use this to “fill in the gaps” that I currently notice in the content that I provide to my college students on my departmental website.  I have created folders (which delicious calls “stacks”) around topics that there currently isn’t a place for on my website. This will also prevent plagiarism if you weren’t sure how to add content to your site beyond restating what someone else already stated on their website.

The beauty of this is that I don’t have to change my website in any way, nor do I need to pester our technical team trying to add in information that doesn’t fit in the overall design of the site.  It is easy to use and requires little skill to operate. Since I’m just linking to other sites, I also don’t have to worry about updating information other than checking back to their site to make sure they are keeping their content up-to-date.

So to all of those people that relate to the collective groans heard across the world when “new website” is said, here is a solution for you.


3 comments on “The Value of Social Bookmarking in Higher Education

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